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Our special Amsterdam issue from 1997...>>>

Café Tour
Some of the best hangouts in Amsterdam to eat, drink and ponder the laid-back charm of this wonderful town

Coffee Ceremonies
Amsterdam's Tropical Museum provideds a fascinating display of the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony...

Geels & Co
An 18th century import shop houses a small coffee museum...

Pisa's Caffe dell 'Ussero
A Rendevous for artists and writers... >>>

Writing in French Cafes
The French café has beckoned many artists and writers. David Kelley talks about the fading allure.... >>>

Great Cafés of the World
Sherry Gendleman explores the delights of Café Babar in San Francisco, an international stop for jazz, friends and food, and tells us that sometimes a café is the person who runs it. ... >>>

The Cybercafes of Paris
Six thousand traditional cafes may have closed down in France, but the cybercafes are doing quite well, thank you. Our editor is served up a virtual cup of Left Bank brew.e.... >>>

Cafe Society in Canberra, Australia
Canberra might have been boring, but that was before Tosolini's moved in. Garry Raffaele reports..... >>>

Conversations in Cyberspace
We interview CB1 proprietor Daniel Sturdy on the workings and ideas behind one of Britain's first cybercafes... >>>

The New Culture of Cybercafes
Cybercafes are springing up in cities throughout Europe, Asia and America. Are they just another form of virtual existance? Ian Hooper has been working on cyberstation designs at the University of Calgary and writes about the democratising stimulus of mixing electronic media with cappuccino.... >>>

Adventures of a Coffee Planter
A fascinating glimpse into the life of a young coffee planter seeking his fortune in Southern India.... >>>

Coffee and Chicory
The five types of coffee according to Alexandre Dumas.... >>>

Cafe Flore, San Francisco
A coffeehouse story by Joy Mageziss.... >>>

Coffee Museums
Intriguing collections at the Jacob Succhard Gallery in Switzerland and the Tea and Coffee exhibit at London docklands.s.... >>>

Correspondence from early issues of the magazine... >>>

Historical Correspondence
Eric Marr writes us about the first coffee house in Colonial North America.... >>>

Scientific Correspondence
Bob Zimering writes about the latest high-tech research which will help coffee producers answer the concerns for quality, safety, and the environment.
... >>>




The Café Royal stood rather pompously like a regal icon on Regent Street – though the iconic nature of this garish rendezvous had more to do with Louis XIV than Victoria. It was, most definitely French in both food and fashion. That its back door opened out onto the fringes of Soho, however, meant there was another side to the place perhaps a bit more disreputable – appealing to that combination of opposites, the Bohemian Prince or the High-minded Pauper.   more>>>


Café des Phares overlooks the Place de la Bastille, seemingly oblivious to the noise and the clamour, the soot and grime, the fumes from the endless trail of automobiles that clog this dreary roundabout like metallic litter.... more>>>



A roudup of coffee related stories


It was the scourge of the Ottomans - the Dutch - who first got that bean to grow outside its homeland. Now it had been handed over to the French. What la Roque had witnessed at the Jardin des Plants on that very special Sunday was the Mama tree. It was her progeny that travelled the perilous seas to Dominica. And from there, her grandchildren moved on, jumping from the Caribbean to French Guyana and then to Brazil, becoming the founding nurseries of the great coffee empires of South and Central America. more>>>

Coffee and Cafés in Amsterdam






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