Coffee Museums

Johann Jacobs Museum. Zurich, Switzerland

Probably the most important collection on the history of coffee. Exhibits the significant contribution coffee has made in the history of European civilisation and the influence cafes have had on the cultural, economic and social life of Europe from the 17th century to the present.

Exhibits: Literature; graphic arts and paintings; porcelain; silver.

  • Library: Approximately 3000 titles including original research literature, manuscripts and first editions. Travel journals and botanical essays. Medical studies. Philosophical tracts.

  • Graphic Arts and Paintings: Rich selection of paintings, prints, drawings and original engravings showing how coffee created new patterns of social life.

  • Porcelain: The close connection between the history of European porcelain and coffee is exhibited showing how the newly fashionable drink caused the creation of original vessels made from this precious material.
  • As well as these archives, the museum also develops exhibits on aspects of the social history of coffee. Catalogues from past exhibits are available for purchase.

    Opening hours: Friday 3pm - 6pm; Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

    For inquiries, appointments for guided tours or for using the library, please contact: Jacobs Suchard Museum, collection on the cultural history of coffee, Seefeldquai 17, PO Box 147, CH-8034 Zurich. Phone: (01) 385 12 83

    Bramah Tea & Coffee Museum. London, England

    Butlers Wharf was deliberately chosen as the site for this museum as it was the primary dock for unloading and storing tea and coffee, often handling 5000 chests of tea in a single day. Museum exhibits include:

  • 17th and 18th Century Coffee Houses

  • Old cafe prints

  • Soho coffee bars of the 1950's

  • Advertising

  • Silver and ceramics
  • Bramah Tea & Coffee Museum, The Clove Building, Maguire Street, Butler's Wharf (by Tower Bridge), London SE1 2NQ

    Telephone: 0171 378 0222 Fax: 0171 378 0219

    Open 7 days a week, 10 - 6

    Geels & Co. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Situated in a room above an 18th century coffee importer in the centre of Amsterdam.

  • Mainly coffee equipment - old grinders, roasters and porcelains.
  • Open by appointment.

    Geels & Co, Warmoesstraat 67, 1012 HX, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel: 020 - 6 24 06 83 Fax: 020 6 22 72 76

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